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  • 1.     Learn how to wow employers by clearly articulating your accomplishments and value. 
  • 2.     Master the art of crafting results-oriented Success Bites as building blocks for resumes and interviews.
  • 3.     Enjoy peer-to-peer support and encouragement from fellow jobseekers in small-group, immersive classes.
  • 4.     94% of graduates say they would recommend our course to a friend or relative.
  • 5.     Fraction of the cost—about $14 an hour—of private coaching and for-profit programs. 
  • 6.     39% of graduates surveyed in 2019 report earning the same or higher income than in their previous job. 
  • 7.     Practice makes perfect! Recite your TMAY (Tell Me About Yourself) at least 20 times for classmates and get constructive feedback.
  • 8.     Four weeks—43 hours!—of guided instruction and discussion.
  • 9.     Small classes—5 to 7 students plus 2 facilitators—are collegial and highly interactive.   
  • 10.  Nine out of 10 previously unemployed graduates (81 out of 89) are now employed or self-employed, according to 2019 survey.
  • 11.  We’ve got 67 years of experience! And a time-tested training program that prepares students to get the job they want. 
  • 12.  15% of alumni are earning an income at least 10% higher than in their previous job.
  • 13.  Build self-awareness and self-confidence you need to perform well in interviews and networking opportunities.
  • 14.  Two on-camera interviews. Watch the videos and get suggestions for improvement.
  • 15.  What interview question do you fear the most? Test-drive your response until it flows naturally and steers the conversation to where           you want it to go. 
  • 16.  Graduates improve interviewing skills by up to 85%, based on scored assessments conducted before and after taking the course.
  • 17.  Create a focused job search strategy to become re-employed faster.
  • 18.  Get tactics for negotiating a better salary and better benefits.
  • 19.  Grow your network through classmates and up to 24 facilitators for each course.  
  • 20.  Break the isolation that often comes with job search through building strong relationships with colleagues in your class and                        facilitators. 
  • 21.  Use your 40Plus skills beyond job search—for performance reviews, presentations and networking.
  • 22.  Learn how to leverage LinkedIn for networking and job search.
  • 23.  Facilitators have all been in your shoes and are also graduates of the course.
  • 24.  After-business hours—evenings and Saturdays—allow students and facilitators with daytime obligations to participate.
  • 25.  Develop 2-minute, 1-minute and 30-second versions of Tell Me About Yourself, so you’ll be ready for any situation.
  • 26.   Learn the do’s and don’ts of informational interviewing.  
  • 27.  Gain insights into personality types and testing. Are you an ISTJ or an ESFP?
  • 28.  Why are so many cover letters so bad? Learn what goes into a good one. 
  • 29.  Content is tailored for experienced professionals in any sector or field.
  • 30.  Why is an accomplishment like a bunch of grapes? Because each accomplishment has multiple success bites!
  • 31.  Realize your accomplishments really are amazing as classmates point out what impresses them about you.   
  • 32.  Program has successfully transitioned to the virtual world, with glowing reviews from participants!
  • 33.  Get comfortable using Zoom and similar technology for interviews and meetings.
  • 34.  Set the stage for your next virtual job interview by testing out lighting, sound and backdrop with classmates.
  • 35.  Build the resilience and motivation to stick with your job search by forming a job club to continue meeting with classmates after the          course ends.
  • 36.  Many students say the course directly contributed to landing their next opportunity.
  • 37.  Join the broader 40 Plus community to make new friends and networking connections!
  • 38.  As an all-volunteer nonprofit, we’re not motivated by money to help others.
  • 39.  Course encourages digging deep to recognize accomplishments you may have overlooked.
  • 40.  Learn to answer hard interview questions that were written to eliminate unprepared candidates.                                                             
  • 41.  Volunteer with 40Plus after graduation to create more success bites and continue growing your network!

Classes are small -- five to seven people -- and meet two or three nights a week and on Saturdays. Experienced facilitators, who have taken the course themselves, lead each class.  

For more information, please join us for an orientation session after one of our free weekly Monday morning meetings

Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

40Plus of Greater Washington
1325 G Street, NW, Suite 500

 Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-387-1582

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