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Digital Survival Skills: Live Confidently with Computers with Jo Golden and Tracey Holinka

  • Mon, February 02, 2009
  • 9:45 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 40Plus of Greater Washington

Digital Survival Skills: Live Confidently with Computers

Digital Survival for Everyone™

Do more, worry less, and live confidently with computers. We need computers at work and at home. If you lack knowledge, confidence, or aren’t sure how to start educating yourself, our interactive seminar will get you started. Don’t worry about needing to know everything, focus on developing a general approach to learning that works for you, and a plan to stay current in the future.

Chaos To Clarity LLC is a women-owned business founded in 2003. We help people improve their lives using computers and the Web by guiding people into the digital world with awareness and a sense of responsibility. Our clients include individuals, groups, professionals, solo-entrepreneurs, and small businesses seeking success in the digital world and a supportive learning environment—we specialize in working with women.


Jo Golden, PhD, guides people from 18–80+ in changing their relationship to education and technology. I refined my approach to education while working with clients and teaching for several years at Georgetown University. By starting from wherever you are and working collaboratively you’ll establish computer confidence, empower yourself, and get ready to keep learning on your own.

Tracey Holinka, MS, supports clients by teaching how to make the most of computers and the Internet while getting your solo or small business online. She began her career as a Web professional more than ten years ago and quickly developed a passion for creating easy-to-use, functional, user-focused technologies. Tracey steers projects and provides advanced computer coaching to clients in addition to creating compelling websites and blogs.

Jo Golden PhD
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Chaos To Clarity LLC

Success in a Digital World™

Digital Survival For Everyone™
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