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Proofreading Your Body Language: Non-Verbal Communication in the Job Hunt with Randy Gafner

  • Mon, February 23, 2009
  • 9:45 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 40Plus of Greater Washington

Proofreading Your Body Language: Non-Verbal Communication in the Job Hunt

Principal, Randall Gafner, LLC
Job Interview Strategist and Coach


Research shows that over 70% of our interpersonal face-to-face communication is non-verbal. If that is true, then managing non-verbals and body language in our daily communication is literally half the battle.

Gain insight on how to identify "incoherent" physical gestures that confuse and detract from your message. Become aware of when your eyes tell the real story with non-verbal signals. Learn to recognize the physical communication that confuses a listener when the words seem right, but the overall message tells a different story. Seeing is believing.


Randall Gafner brings his keen observation skills and experience to 40Plus with insights gleaned from over 20 years behind the TV camera, having shot over 6000 "on camera" sit down interviews with news makers, entertainers and executives. Now as a job coach, Gafner brings a fresh perspective to "crafting your non-verbals".

Randy will show you some of the same methods used to prepare executives for news interviews on national talk shows. This will be a very interactive session where we will look at the foundations of communication, your non-verbals. These are skills that can be learned and you can use them in your job hunt. All effective interpersonal face-to-face communication contains coherent non-verbal elements. Make your message more compelling with improved non-verbal communication.

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