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Words that Work at Work: An Inside Job for Connecting to Your Outside Job with Renee Barnow

  • Mon, May 18, 2009
  • 9:45 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 40Plus of Greater Washington

Words that Work at Work: An Inside Job for Connecting to Your Outside Job

Renee Barnow

How do you experience conversations about work or searching for work during these economically challenging times? Are you using words that keep you afloat? Learn 3 steps for choosing words that will increase your internal resources needed for securing your next job.


One way to explore the quality of conversations is by experiencing how the words you speak and words you hear resonate in your body. Through her breakthrough methodology Action Based Communication™ described in her book Action Based Communication: Changing Experience through Language, Renée Barnow engages you in experiencing the power a single word or two-word phrase has in creating or breaking connection.

Founder of Rightline, Renée Barnow has been involved in personal, presentations and professional coaching and organizational consulting for decades. She works with clients who are in career transition, working in highly charged environments or stuck in difficult situations. With her steady, calm presence, Renée immediately gains her client’s trust and offers them a sense of safety. She is often called on in crisis, chaos, and business transitions and brings her enthusiasm and sense of purpose and humor to all her engagements.

An attorney-trained mediator, Renée has an executive MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from the University of Wisconsin. Her educational background includes certificates and coursework from the Gestalt Organizational Systems & Development Center and Newfield Network. She has also studied and uses material from the University of Pennsylvania’s Masters in Applied Positive Psychology program.

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