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First Impressions Matter: What Is Your Body Saying Behind Your Back? with Sandy Mobley

  • Mon, April 21, 2008
  • 9:45 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 40Plus Dupont Circle Office
Sandy Mobley

First Impressions Matter: What Is Your Body Saying Behind Your Back?

Research states that people form impressions of others in the first 3 seconds of meeting them? Our bodies speak volumes, even when our mouths are closed. What messages are we sending? How do we make sure our body sends the message we want to send?

Somatic awareness is a way of understanding our body’s messages and learning at another level. It Is more than body language; it is how we show up to others – body, emotions, voice, and personality.

A hallmark of effective people is the ability to communicate and influence others. Trust is built when words and actions are aligned. Body language awareness helps to identify lack of alignment in words and actions and understand what is getting in the way. The person who makes a request with a quiet voice and eyes cast downward sends a message that he/she is not authoritative and may not even get a response to the request.

In this session, you will have an opportunity to learn how to make a great first impression, to increase your ability to be centered and calm, to be able to align what you say with how you say it, and to model leadership presence.


Sandy Mobley is a master somatic coach. She works with people to gain leadership presence and communicate effectively. She founded The Learning Advantage and is an expert in helping executives recognize and leverage their brilliance.

Sandy co-developed the Leadership Coaching Program for Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She earned a Master Somatic Coach certification from Strozzi Institute and is designated a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

Sandy works with Fortune 50 companies and government organizations, offering coaching, organization development and leadership training. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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