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Digital Survival Strategies & Skills™ for Successful Professional Transitions with Jo Golden and Tracey Holinka

  • Mon, August 11, 2008
  • 9:45 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 40Plus Dupont Circle Office
Jo Golden and Tracey Holinka


Digital Survival Strategies & Skills™ for Successful Professional Transitions

Join us for an interactive seminar developed to support business professionals in transition who want to make the most of living and working in a digital world.

Take every opportunity to develop the strategies and skills you need for success in a digital world.

Consider how your preferred ways of learning can work to your benefit as you use the Web for self-education.

Educate yourself about basic areas of technology that matter in your life and work.

Develop a strategic approach to managing your personal and professional web presence.

At Chaos To Clarity LLC, we believe everyone can become increasingly self-sufficient with technology. That's why we specialize in working with clients who want more than just to learn a specific application. Our experience includes extensive work over the past ten years in education, communication, and web development, allowing us to create strategies that help people move past the overwhelming experience of feeling left behind by changing technologies. Digital Survival Strategies & Skills™ help our clients to transform their relationship to computing, communication, education, and managing information.


Jo Golden, MS PhD, specializes in self-education and communication in the digital world. She has worked with adults from 18–80+ as they change their relationship to education and technology. Jo cares deeply about supporting people who feel left behind by technological change and want to empower themselves by learning new ways of living and working in a digital world. She refined her approach to education while teaching at Georgetown University for the last four years, and believes in starting from wherever people are, customizing their approach to education, and establishing the confidence and competence they need to succeed.

Tracey Holinka, MS, began working with the Web more than ten years ago and quickly developed a passion for creating easy-to-use, functional, end-user focused technologies. Before joining Chaos To Clarity LLC full-time, she worked as a Senior Web Developer, creating innovative web development tools and cutting-edge approaches to programming, procedures, and applications. Tracey is our Technology Specialist and Managing Partner who supports clients by developing and implementing their web presence, educating for business success, and supporting technological competence and confidence.

Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

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