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40Plus members are executives and professionals with significant experience who can hit the ground running and quickly become valuable members of your or your client's organization.

Many HR departments send us or have added 40Plus to their distribution list of job openings as part of their overall recruitment effort to attract qualified and experienced candidates. If you have any job opening information you want to share with us, please email them to: jobpostings@40plusdc.org. The details of the job can either be listed in the body of the email or as an enclosure (preferably in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word format). Job Opening can also be faxed to us at (202) 387-7669 or be sent to us by U.S. Mail.

Additionally, if your organization is considering a downsizing, we believe you will find 40Plus a viable and cost effective solution as part of your package to downsized employees. Confidential inquiries for outplacement services can be sent to jobpostings@40plusdc.org.

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